How To Think For Yourself


Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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Tonight’s program is called “How to Think For Yourself.” I begin with a discussion of thinking for yourself in the face of fear and deception. In the second segment (beginning at 1:05), I cover the Cancer New Moon. I do not cover the Leo ingress; that will have to wait for Monday’s edition. Then is the Andrew McLuhan interview (beginning at 1:48) and Vesta Studio on involuntary celibacy (beginning at 2:48).

Planet Waves
At my desk in the Planet Waves office earlier Friday. Photos are (from left): gelatin print of Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and the Velvets by Billy Name; horoscope columnist Patric Walker; Ray Glass, co-founder of the Student Association of the State University of NY; the Hudson Valley Renegades; and canines Jonah and Henrietta.

My conversation is about the influence of digital technology on the Covid situation: this is digital from top to bottom, except when someone actually gets sick. The test is digital, the idea of the pandemic (as opposed to the actual epidemic) is digital, the “news” is spread digitally and so on.

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Correction, the article I was referencing was not Dioxin Critic Sued (which is on a similar topic), but rather See No Evil by Vicki Monks. They are both about fraudulent reporting on dioxin in the mainstream press.

As for your resources: The “forgotten” one is Kary Mullis describing his invention of the polymerase chain reaction. SEE VIDEO BELOW THE MUSIC TRACK!! Here is the article on cell line contamination, about Dr. Christopher Korch, the article about Gardasil injury, Joshua Halinen’s article Living in Hell about sexual repression in his childhood evangelical church and finally, Mercury, Weaving the Story of Nessus (my best article about Nessus). I forgot one!!!! Let me know and I’ll post it.

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