Retired Army liaison to FEMA tells all. Do male feminists exist? Please stand by for total solar eclipse.

Eyes on the Eclipse but please don’t try this at home.


Colonel Bill Interview with Transcript

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Looks like we are good to go.


A few times I say CDC when Bill worked at FEMA. Note that I am deliberately obscuring whether he was full colonel or lieutenant colonel. Also, the 3/24 CDC memo was about death reporting. He references a second memo that is not “update 2” but rather what he calls a “revised symptoms list” issued by CDC one week later. They are different documents.

Tantra Studio as Stand Alone: Are There Any Male Feminists?

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  1. The Johns Hopkins death data came from the Event 201 script. Duh, you silly gooses. But seriously,
    Colonel Billy is a master at articulating the information in condensed, nutshell form. Much appreciated. Look
    forward to hearing more from him, and would love to hear him on other issues too. Wow. Wild having that
    earthquake dude. Hope your getting resettled.

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