In the Nature of Healing

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Eric has now completed the first four signs of his 2018 Autumn Reading, Empathy. This will be a 12-sign audio reading covering Venus retrograde and beyond. Order all 12 signs now for just $88 — we will increase the price soon.

This year’s Libra equinox was accompanied by an extraordinary aspect to Chiron, and will be followed in less than two weeks by Venus retrograde. Find out what potential this offers for you or the Libra you love when you order the 2018-19 Libra birthday reading by Eric. Check out more recent and new readings here.

Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s first segment, I tell the story of the first few years of my work as a professional astrologer, when I was introduced to the grief of women: their experiences of transgression and personal loss, and how I learned to work with them.

Thom Yorke performing recently at Madison Square Garden. Photo by Eric Francis.

In the second segment, I look at the current astrology, including Venus stationing retrograde. Then I move on to a discussion of what happened last week at the Senate Judiciary Committee, followed by a detailed reading of the chart of Thom Yorke, followed by a short Tantra Studio.

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It is truly my pleasure to create this space to hang out each week, with space to think, and with no commercial interruptions and no special agenda except to look honestly at the world within us and around us.

With love,


Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Nearly every client who comes in has questions about their intimate relationships — any astrologer will tell you that. Over the years I’ve been doing this work, though, I’ve made an observation: astrology is terrible at predicting the outcome of relationships, but excellent as a tool for analysis.

Prediction is dicey in any event; are we creating what we predict? Yet as a method of understanding what is so, I’ve found astrology to be of excellent assistance, something that can help you solve puzzles and communicate with yourself more effectively.

Eric Francis.

With Venus about to go retrograde, there are questions of unspoken needs, unresolved emotional material, and an invitation to be more honest with oneself. I am reading Venus retrograde in Scorpio as an invitation to look within, what you might call the ultimate spiritual gesture.

And this week, I’ll be finishing a set of astrology readings designed to help you do just that. My Empathy series of readings look at the light and shadow sides of Venus. I am looking at the recent Mars retrograde, and its connection to Venus.

I also devote time in each reading to discussing Chiron’s transition from Pisces to Aries, and look ahead at what that might be about.

These transits align with our unusual, somewhat tense moment of how the genders relate to one another, our culture-wide identity crisis, and the quest for some sane direction. Only my approach is personal, in the spirit of an individual reading.

The first four signs are done; I am scheduled to wrap the rest by the time Venus goes retrograde. We are delivering signs as I complete them. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are done. Tomorrow I plan to do Taurus and Scorpio.

My readings are easygoing, gently paced, and in human language rather than astrologese. They can be downloaded or played on any kind of device, and will keep giving new information with each playing. And for astrology fans, they are perfect for binge listening.

You only need one purchase per household! You may share them with the people you care about. You may get all 12 signs here, still for the preorder price of $88, or individual signs here. Be sure, at least, to get your Sun sign and rising sign.

You may purchase by phone at (845) 481-5616.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — Each reading comes with original music by Vision Quest. We are including the charts used for the reading as well.

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