Planet Waves FM: Interview with Andrew McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan, circa unknown.
Marshall McLuhan, media theorist, English professor and grandfather of this week’s guest on Planet Waves FM: Andrew McLuhan.

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Here is my introduction to Cosmophilia: You Belong Here, the 2015 annual edition of Planet Waves, which is now available at the best pre-order discount rate. I describe the Planet Waves annual edition at the beginning of the program.

In tonight’s non astrological edition (here is your astrology), we have something extra fun — an interview with Andrew McLuhan, musician, scholar and grandson of Marshall McLuhan. That name lacks the controversy and impact that it once had. But his ideas are more relevant, and more obvious, than ever.

I bet this is at least 10 baud!
I bet this is at least 10 baud!

It was Marshall who most accurately envisioned the world we live in today — the global village, the return to tribalism and people becoming the content of media rather than merely its consumers. The image at left is a detail from a Global Village modem, which company took its name from one of Marshall McLuhan’s observations.

In other words, way back in 1964 he looked out at the world and saw what could become Facebook. In the process he commenced the whole field of media studies. By the way, from my discussions with Andrew, this would include astrology the way we do it at Planet Waves, which involves a careful study of the otherwise invisible environment.

We plan to return to that subject soon. I mention two videos in the program — The Ballad of Marshall McLuhan, featuring Alpha-Bits, and the " target="_blank" rel="noopener">full scene from Annie Hall, where Marshall makes a cameo — which I begin with at the very top of the program.

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