Syria and Obama: Interrupting the March to War

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Note, in the program I state variously that the Mars-Saturn aspect is Monday or Tuesday — it was Monday morning just past 7 am EDT. — efc

This is going to be an historic week no matter how you look at it: either Congress and Pres. Obama will yield to public pressure and not begin a bombing campaign against Syria, or they will ignore public pressure and do so anyway.

For many reasons, this is a week to pay attention — Mars is square Saturn first thing Monday morning, setting off many planets in the charts of both Pres. Obama and of Syria. Mercury enters Libra, and over the next few days passes through the territory in Libra where Mars will be retrograde next year. In this edition I cover the ethical issues as well as the astrology. I covered this last week in an article that I’ve released to the public, called How You Can Tell Syria is a Scam.

The Sun passes through the Pholus/Ixion opposite Chaos aspect. These are all slow-moving points that will mean a lot more to mainstream astrology in the future than they do today — kind of how Pluto was treated in 1950. It was barely a factor, when today we know it’s one of the most important. The opposition of these three points is extremely tight right now, and the Sun passes through Tuesday and into Wednesday — tipping the balance one way or the other.

Meanwhile, if you can stand watching TV — which will actually be interesting — expect a lot more of this: “The White House chief of staff, Denis R. McDonough, said Sunday that the American people’s skepticism about the prospect of military action in Syria was ‘understandable’ after a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that such a strike would be far different from those wars.”

Special thanks to Mark Brooks for tonight’s intro music and musical break. If you would like to reach mark please write to me at [email protected] and I will pass it along to him. For those interested in Faithless, the CD No Roots is available here. I picked this up off the counter at a record store in London when I was staying at Jonathan Cainer’s place — and made one of the most beautiful musical discoveries of my life.

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