Interview with John Gilmore of Children’s Health Defense and founder of Autism Action Network

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve run into John Gilmore at various events. He is executive director of the New York chapter of Children’s Health Defense, and founder of Autism Action Network. He’s impressed me many times as someone with an easy handle on the issues.

A down-to-earth speaker, he conveys the current situation and its history in such a way that it’s easy to follow. Today I have an interview with John on Planet Waves FM — one of my many dream guests I’ve had on the program the past few months.

He begins with an analysis of the massive financial interests that make it possible for the the government, drug makers and the press to cover up the relationship between autism and giving young children 70 vaccines.

We discuss the Department of Health and Human Services vaccine injury program, which indemnified drug companies from being sued for injuring children. Now, he says, that program seems to exist only to pay out damages related neurological injuries from the seasonal flu shot.

We then go into the astonishing death and injury rate from the “covid” injections — and the staggering profits that the drug companies have made the past year dealing out this product, all paid for in government debt.

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