The First Roundup Trial: Interview with Bob Howard, Juror in Lee Johnson v. Monsanto

Originally broadcast May 19, 2019 | Updated Nov. 26, 2019

Astrological chart of Monsanto, shown as crop circle. Graphic by Lizanne Webb and Eric Francis.

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Tonight we have an incredible edition of Planet Waves FM for you. The main event is an interview with Robert Howard, who served as a juror in the first case involving Roundup to go to trial. That was in August 2018; Lee Johnson was the former groundskeeper at a California school who had to use Roundup regularly, and got very sick from exposure.

Eric Francis

The jury awarded him $289 million — and Bob Howard was in the room. He tells us what happened, and how he felt about it. Then, he was present at the two subsequent Roundup trials, both this year — Edwin Hardeman v. Monsanto,, and Alberta and Alva Pilliod v. Monsanto.

I also have some resources for you: My investigative feature on Monsanto from The Mountain Astrologer, my article about the Howard Johnson’s transcript, where the EPA becomes a marketing agency for pesticide manufacturers, and finally, A Fine Line: Roe v. Wade at 40, my article on the astrology of Roe. v. Wade.

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