Introducing the Oregon Lorax; Countdown to the Eclipse

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Your contributions make Planet Waves FM and The Gemstone File possible. Today’s edition takes us one step closer to the total solar eclipse of Aug. 21.

We begin with some thoughts about how the world has never been quite the way that it is today. As the electric age has dawned, and morphed into the nuclear age, things have grown increasingly insane — and fast. The moment you’ve grown accustomed to something, another thing replaces it.

As for the local astrology, I look at the Sun and Mars in Leo, and consider this past Sunday’s first of two Leo New Moons. That discussion morphs into the lunar eclipse that’s happening in Aquarius on Aug. 7, and some interesting background on the Aries Point, the quarter days and the forthcoming Lughnasadh (pronounced lunessa) or Lammas, which coincides with the eclipse.

As for the Lorax, that would be an incarnation of Carol van Strum, who is representing the ecosystem itself in a lawsuit designed to block the spraying of herbicides in the forests of Oregon. I read her statement to the court, written on behalf of the rivers, streams, trees and critters. You may read it here.

In the last segment, I question how it’s possible that more than 90 young people were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning at a rap show in Connecticut.

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