Five Years Ago: Introduction to Civics with Shayne Gallo

In today’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I am joined by the mayor of Kingston, NY — Shayne Gallo. This is not your hard-hitting kind of interview; rather, it’s a conversation about civics: being involved in society.

Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo, today during the interview.
Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo, today during the interview.

We start with a formal definition of what that means, the one you may have read in the Boy Scout Handbook, and then start to account for how weird the world is right now, and how much counts for involvement, and why it’s so important right now for both individuals and society. Note — the interview is in stereo, so if you cannot hear one channel, make sure you have both speakers plugged in or put your system onto mono.

I introduce the program with Venus stationing direct Wednesday at 11:06 am EDT. This has been the most eventful Venus retrograde since the dinosaurs were around. It’s included two eclipses, the transit of Venus, Uranus square Pluto, Saturn opposite Eris, Jupiter square Neptune (all slow moving aspects), along with the solstice and a good bit else. All of that, contained within the time structure of Venus retrograde.

On Wednesday that energy releases, and we get to see what else was behind the veil. One thing coming down the pike is the decision on the health care reform act of late 2010. That is expected Thursday and we’re getting ready to assemble the pieces of that story, come what may. In any event this is going to be an historic decision with many implications and a real test of the functioning of our government.

We go without a music break this week however — I am looking for a music editor to help coordinate that part of the program, and to evolve a spinoff indie music hour. Write to me if that turns you on.

Your program will appear on iTunes and the Old Player on Wednesday morning.

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