Now on PWFM :: Debbie Rose Lusignan, ‘Sane Progressive’, dead at 51; Jim Morrison revisited. Renee Garner, vaccine injury attorney.

Morrison, the poet.

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Tonight on Planet Waves FM, I discuss the Sun’s alignment to the Galactic Core; revisit the ideas of Jim Morrison, including his ideas about journalism and the media generally (and his astrology); and I have an interview with vaccine injury attorney Renee Gentry. She fills us in on the sad state of the federal government’s official vaccine injury court of claims, as well as what is happening with claims to the government’s program to compensate people harmed by covid mitigation measures — which has done exactly nothing for the past three years.

Deborah Rose Lusignan; photo from the archives of Will Houston.
Last quarter with notes
Me on the left, Rob Astorino, unknown person, and Debbie Lusignan in August 2021, Albany, New York. I only exchanged a few glances and hello with her, not knowing who she was. But let’s just say I felt her presence.
Jim Morrison Chart Set: Natal, progressed at time of death; body found. Tap image for larger presentation
Horary chart.

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