Joe Rogan and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Two Reasonable Men? With a detailed history of the Kennedy family.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with Joe Rogan and the ghost of Pres. Kennedy.

Tonight on Planet Waves FM, I dismantle Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s recent interview with Joe Rogan. Kennedy is sweeping Rogan into the very example of the “limited hangout” which traps someone curious with a half-truth and makes them think they got the whole thing. So far as I can tell, Rogan is a sincere person, being swept into a bog of deception, confusion and disinformation.


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Here is Joe Rogan interviewing RFK Jr, on Spotify.

Listen to (and read about) my question to Robert F. Kennedy in April 2022. My follow up article is called Why is RFK Jr Running from the Missing Virus Problem? It’s on Substack.

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Clinton inauguration with Uranus conjunct Neptune.
Capricorn Full Moon.

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