Jupiter in Aquarius, Vax Pressure Turned Up to 11, Full Report on Graphene Oxide and Amazing Tantra Studio

Sun at the Center of the Solar System.


Tonight on the new edition of Planet Waves FM (usually available at 10 pm EDT or earlier), we will cover Jupiter in Aquarius and all of its implications, including the pressure turned all the way up on federal workers, state workers and students to get injected.

Eric Francis, editor of Planet Waves, host of the program and author of the horoscope.

Injected with what? We have dug out the facts on the graphene oxide problem: one of many nanoparticle issues with the “next generation” of vaccines, and in our view, the most serious.

Tonight’s program also includes Andrew McLuhan talking about his grandfather Marshall’s well-known phrase, “The medium is the message,” which Andrew researched to its point of origin in the 1950s.

Tantra Studio

The new Tantra Studio is available early. The new edition includes responses to last week’s Tantra Studio, which featured the interview with by Bari Weiss with Aella.

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