Sun in Aquarius, Leo Full Moon, Mercury Direct, and the Two Natal Charts of David Bowie

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The written readings for Vision Quest, Planet Waves’ 2016 annual edition, have just been published. Order all 12 signs at a great value or choose your individual signs. Two audio readings are coming soon. You may learn more here.


Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM looks at a busy few days in astrology: the Sun ingressing Aquarius on Wednesday, the Leo Full Moon on Saturday and Mercury stationing direct Monday.

In the second segment, I respond to a reader letter, which asks, in part, “You mention in the audio about living out loud and also about firing the publicist. In some ways, this seems contradictory to me. When I am living out loud, am I not putting myself out there in the open even more? Is there something deeper that you meant that I have not seen or understood?”

In the third segment, I compare the two charts of David Bowie [view charts side by side]. Last week I considered the Libra rising chart, with Neptune rising. This week I compare that to the official birth time, which gives Aquarius rising. This is a study in “when the wrong chart works.” I mention a book called The Moment of Astrology.

My musical guest is the Spanish Flamenco ensemble, Bebo & Cigala. As mentioned their work is easily available, and the whole album is astonishing. And you can get it for all of six cents.

I offer one other resource — the first 17 years of my annual readings — everything right up to Vision Quest, which is of course available for a modest fee.


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