Leo Lunar Eclipse, Muslim Ban and How to Be an Artist

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Dear Friend and Listener:

A short letter for a beautiful program, tonight featuring Carole King, whose 75th birthday is Thursday.

I begin with Friday’s eclipse of the Moon in Leo, and the many, many aspects that it makes. In the second segment, I look at the litigation regarding Trump’s Muslim ban; there’s about to be a hearing in San Francisco.

In the third segment, I look at Carole King’s chart, and tell some family stories — she and my mom Camille were best friends back in Sheepshead Bay in the 1950s (as documented in the book Girls Like Us).

Finally, in honor of Carole, I talk about what it takes to be an artist, and to be true to your art. My message is that life cannot be an excuse for not doing what you came here to do. Rather, doing that thing must become the excuse to get your life in order, so that you can indeed be true to your art.

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Thanks for tuning in.

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