Libra Full Moon and Prop 8 Arguments

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I can’t believe I missed the most obvious symbol of all — the Moon is in LIBRA, the sign of justice, for the Proposition 8 arguments that were heard by the Supreme Court today. I read that chart in the context of the arguments over whether states should have the right to ban same-sex couples from getting married.

But first I do the chart on its own, explaining what’s in the background — and what is coming to the foreground. If you would like to see that chart, here it is with Monday’s blog post.

NOTE, WEDNESDAY 3/27 — A listener brought to my attention that Kevin Clash, creator of Elmo, has been the subject of further accusations, of which I was not aware. So my example of libel does not hold up unless these prove to be unfounded.

Here are few extra resources: one is the full audio and the transcript. There are several versions of this available; I’ve linked to one on KQED, Northern California Public Radio.

I was mistaken when I introduced the first justice at the beginning of the Supreme Court section — it is Associate Justice Kagan.

Here is Jim Carrey doing his song, Cold Dead Hands, which has gone viral from the site Funny or Die.

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