Libra Full Moon. Journalism as a Spiritual Path II. Interview by Emily Trinkaus (Embodied Aquarian Age)

Rainbow over New Paltz, New York. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight’s edition is done — though I am ready to call it a week, and will leave the letter below mostly as written, in future tense. Here is my article about the Full Moon, without any content restrictions.

The video of my conversation with Emily is on PlanetWaves.ROCKS — a cool new Planet Waves website.

Libra Full Moon by Lanvi.

I’ll be continuing my theme of journalism as a spiritual path, describing the deep work I’ve been doing assembling the chronology of the covid era.

We have made many news chronologies through the years of Planet Waves (here is an old one from 2006), but nothing like this. As I do this meticulous work every night — a day by day accounting of events, spanning from October 2019 to the present — I am coming to terms with what happened, and what was done to us.

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by Emily Trinkaus about how I became an astrologer, and more significantly, my take on the Age of Aquarius and its relationship to technology. That interview will be on the program, though you may watch the video edition on Planet Waves Rocks, one of our fun new websites.

Emily is a first rate intellect, a wholly literate astrologer and a fine broadcaster. You may visit her Substack here.

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