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Prof. Mark Crispin Miller speaking at the Arklight benefit on Nov. 21, 2021

Note to self and others: I’ll be adding the Jon Rappoport articles, a low-bandwidth player and a few other bits and bobs. For this year, my work is done. I promise I’ll get to these! ALSO thank you to Rob Reich, guitar bureau chief and relentless PCR researcher for his contribution to the 2nd segment.efc

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How to apply for a job as an editor in 2021. Here is where that link points. Note that it says that these are not for diagnostic purposes; they are for research use only.

I open the program with a discussion of the spiritual crisis caused by two years of living through the covid crisis. This is the thing that’s not getting into the news: the frustration, loss, loneliness and despair felt by so many people right now.

Then take a new look at problems with all forms of the “covid test,” including the reported rush on hospitals caused by false results from home tests.

Conversation with Mark Crispin Miller

Mark Crispin Miller returns to the program this week. Full professor of film and communications, he was recently cleared of false claims of misconduct by the administration of New York University.

These were associated with his giving controlled, randomized and blind studies about the efficacy of masks to students in his propaganda class and suggesting they come to their own conclusions. Mark and I last spoke on-air back in July — one of the most popular shows of the year (see the cover of Planet Waves FM for that episode).

I have two extra interviews this week, with Westchester-basesd attorney Bobbie Anne Cox covering civil rights issues, and Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson.

Here is Bobbie, interviewed Wednesday, Dec. 29 by me:

Here is Brook, on The Last American  Vagabond.

After I catch up on a few things, Tantra Studio and Miracle Hour will return.

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  1. Is there any part of this that you don’t follow? Please read carefully and see if you can formulate any questions. This is my best attempt to explain the issues to my father, Joseph Coppolino.


    The covid test has an important role in society right now: it is being used by political and scientific authorities to maintain the covid case count, and as proof of the existence of a viral outbreak. The test is the basis of lockdown and distancing measures, of mask orders, the shutting of national borders and other travel restrictions, and of vaccine mandates. The covid test is used as the sole proof of a viral pandemic.

    Few people understand the background of the test, how it works, or how it is being used. It has a long and storied history from the 1990s, when it first emerged as the “viral load” test for HIV. Having looked into the technology and its history for most of two years, I can offer some thoughts.

    The device associated with the covid nasal swab is called the PCR, or polymerase chain reaction. The covid test is really just one use of the PCR device; it was invented as a research tool and also serves such purposes as finding fungal impurities in wine and cannabis.

    The central concept when used for the covid test is that the device finds genetic evidence in a patient sample of the presence of virus with 100% certainty. This is why it is sometimes called the gold standard of lab tests.

    According to the theory of the test, in a positive result, the presence of a mere fragment of viral material is said to precisely match the known viral genome. This is in turn said to be proof of the presence of live virus in the patient, and therefore of active infection. Most people believe that if they test positive, they have been “diagnosed” and are therefore sick and contagious, even if they have no symptoms.

    Hence, a PCR positive result — that is, testing ‘positive’ by the nasal swab test — is called a ‘confirmed case’ of covid and therefore infection with SARS-CoV-2. What really happened is that the test is is said to have found a tiny fragment of viral molecule in the sample from someone’s nose. The supposedly positive result is said to demonstrate active viral infection.

    Let’s analyze one sentence above for assumptions made in the use of the test, because it’s all in here — all the logic you need to understand what is being done with the PCR:

    “…the presence of a mere fragment of viral material is said to precisely match the viral genome, and is consequently said to be proof positive of the presence of live virus and therefore of infection and disease.”

    This is based on the following presumptions:

    • an exact match is possible between the molecule fragment in the sample and the known viral genome, in this scenario, SARS-CoV-2. Nothing else is mistakenly detected by the device and the small fragment is proof that the larger virus exists.

    • previously, the viral genome being used as the diagnostic reference was proven to be from the specific virus about which everyone is concerned, so scientists know they have the right target molecule.

    • to produce an accurate diagnosis, the searched-for molecule is from a virus proven to cause the symptoms, to the exclusion of all other causes, viral or otherwise.

    • the detection of a genetic fragment proves infection, not merely the presence of viral particles.

    For the PCR to produce meaningful positive and negative results, all four of these conditions must be met. While the PCR is itself sometimes called the “gold standard,” the four points above are the actual gold standard, as defined by the PCR’s inventor, Nobel-laureate Kary Mullis.

    For the test to be valid, or even vaguely meaningful, the gold standard must have been met before the test is used to diagnose patients and make public policy.

    One last thing: in order to find the target molecule, the PCR must magnify, or amplify, it by about one trillion fold. This is like the comparative size between our Sun and one of the largest known galaxies. The chain reaction part of the PCR refers directly to the amplification process.

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