Mars Stations Direct; Cuba Rant; Olbermann

Correction: At about 22 minutes I reference Eris as representing service — I mean VESTA. The Sun is currently conjunct both, in Aries. Note 2, Pholus was indeed square Neptune for 20 years. Here is an aspectarian.–efc

Today’s extravagant edition of Planet Waves FM covers Mars stationing direct and the Sun’s current conjunction to Eris. These events are related, they’re exciting and they are interesting.

Your host, Eric Francis.

Mars is changing directions square the lunar nodes, so this is a bigger moment than it may seem — a moment of consciously directing your will.

Mars will move on from Virgo charged up with all the impeccable Virgo vibes you can imagine — a great thing for Mars.

In the second half of the program, I cover Ozzie Guillen’s run-in with the anti-Castro forces. I look at the controversy the way it’s been cast on TV, and then go below the story and explain what Guillen meant when he said he respected Castro not because he’s so nice but rather because he’s survived six decades of assassination attempts. Finally, I go over the natal chart of Keith Olbermann.

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PS, here’s a crazy little thing by my friend Lars…

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Keith’s chart is below…


Keith’s chart…

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