Mercury Retrograde from Roe v. Wade to Depp v. Heard. Environmental Factors Pushing Gender Madness.

Depp and Heard wearing their war paint.

On tonight’s Planet Waves FM I will be discussing the events of the Mercury retrograde that ended today. It begins and ends with two court cases, and includes an attempted new “pandemic” in between them. Why is this happening now? I reference chart with Scorpio rising — have a look, if you like. Pallas is conjunct Uranus in Taurus — not square.

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The Libel Suit that Wasn’t | MeToo retrospective

Mercury Retrograde Ends Friday | NOTE: Article includes Depp v. Heard chart and detailed analysis of that chart, toward the bottom of the article.

Panelists in the Monkeypox Mania Summit from June 2, 2022. Mark Bailey is taking care of one of the kids; he returns shortly.

Monkeypox Mania Summit | June 2, 2022

Here is a player with the full audio of Wednesday’s program below; here is a video player missing the first minute or so. In the video version, I start at 1:27:00. In the audio version, it’s a little later.

Here is tonight’s announcement letter

Dear Friend and Listener:

On tonight’s Planet Waves FM (which usually posts by 10 pm EDT), I will be discussing the events of the Mercury retrograde that ended today. It began and ended with two court cases, involving the most intimate parts of our lives.

Between the two legal events, a new claimed outbreak was begun, with health authorities brazenly warning people not to have sex.

Eric Francis on the Monkeypox Mania panel

What are the common astrological threads among all of these intrusions into our most personal lives? This is all, of course, an extension of what’s been going on since January 2020, but it’s taken on new proportions today. But what is up now? Tune in tonight to find out.

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