Epstein papers psyop warning, what I’ve learned from Jews, #MeToo vs Journalism, program interrupted by Gaza protest

Tom Golden hosts the podcast MEN ARE GOOD.


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On tonight’s program, which I’m doing as a vacation from writing Somewhere In Between readings, I will randomly discuss why I do astrology, what I’ve learned from Jews, issue a psyop warning about Jeffrey Epstein’s paperwork, and tell the story of when MeToo met an investigative reporter. Note, right when I was talking about the Gaza and Israel issue, the program was interrupted by a BLM anti-Gaza occupation protest…so I have some live coverage and a few minutes of video on Facebook so you can see what it looks like. The Tom Golden interview is not embeddable; it’s on the link below.

Occupying Wall Street — a protest interrupted the program – Facebook Video

Eric Francis on Men are Good with Janice Fiamengo and Tom Golden

Two classic retrospective articles…

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It’s All in the Houses — excellent introduction to astrology

They Occupied Wall Street during the show.

Program Interrupted by Protest of Gaza Occupation on Wall St. Kingston — As-it-Happened Coverage

During my presentation on the Gaza occupation, a protest happened to march down my street. The action was unannounced.

According to coverage in the Daily Freeman, the protest was organized by by Mid-Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists of America, Jewish Voice for Peace — Hudson Valley, Wednesday Walks 4 Black Lives, Middle-East Crisis Response, Mid-Hudson Islamic Community, Veterans For Peace — Hudson Valley, Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine, Poughkeepsie4Palestine and the Communist Party of the Hudson Valley.

The target of the protest was U.S. Rep. Pat Ryan. The activists were trying to put pressure on him to oppose the Israeli occupation of Gaza, accusing him of supporting genocide against the Palestinian people. They got roof access and unfurled several banners over the congressman’s office.

The protest was organized by a broader coalition than the usual BLM scene, and as a result, had a much different feeling — less caustic than usual, better organized, and more diverse speakers.

However, out of sight, things were not so peaceful. Rep. Ryan said that protestors attempted to force their way into his office.

In a statement issued Friday night, Ryan said, “Today a crowd attempted to forcibly enter our district office in Kingston, climbing the roof, interrupting work with constituents, and directly threatening my staff.” He said three staff members were in the office at the time.

“Two of them had to literally throw their bodies in front of a door to keep the crowd from forcing it open. … Free speech is foundational to our democracy. It’s a core American freedom I risked my life to protect. But forcibly entering and vandalizing federal property is not free speech, and it gets us no closer to lasting peace.”

The street occupation ended peacefully without a standoff, as KPD’s detail (led by Lt. Rick Negron) persuaded the activists to give back the street.

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