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First published May 27, 2022 | Updated August 4, 2002

Nothing is gayer than a monkey sex rave! Those gay monkeys sure can party!

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Mike Stone interview stand-alone | Watch as Video | Visit

Dioxin Critic Sued by Eric F. Coppolino | from Lies of Our Times

Planet of the Vaccine Pushers | Planet Waves article covering the monkeypox chart

COVID Update: What is the Truth? | from the NIH website

It’s Time to Demand the Truth about Covid-19 | from Planet Waves, July 2020

Tonight’s announcement letter

Dear Friend and Listener:

I am planning a program tonight (usually posts before 10 pm EDT) that looks at monkeypox astrology and science. This issue was DOA as the documents admitting that the claimed “outbreak” was planned were revealed as fast as the fake PCR “molecular test” codes could be distributed.

My guest is Mike Stone, author of the website that exposes the scientific fraud committed by virologists and public health officials who accept their unfounded claims. We discuss the PCR test for monkeypox as well as the history of testing fraud involving the covid scandal — and ask the question of the hour: do viruses exist?

I’ll have coverage of upcoming Gemini New Moon, and Tantra Studio, and my annual tribute to Bob Dylan, who turned 81-years-old this week. Tonight I’ll have a few of his works that more resemble epic novels than ordinary songs.

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