Now on Planet Waves FM | Jupiter approaches conjunction to Saturn; 22 European and British scientists expose PCR con; co-author Dr. Kevin Corbett is my guest

Authors of the retraction peer review paper of the Corman-Drosten paper of Jan. 23, 2020.

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This player contains the full interview, lasting 1 hour 50.

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Tonight I cover the run-up to the Jupiter-Saturn-Altair conjunction in Aquarius. These are a critical two weeks leading to this event, and my my reading, much is about to come out. I covered some of that in Thursday night’s edition, called Drowning in Digital in easy to follow language. Further background can be found in the article How Safe is Too Safe?

Eric Francis

You may be aware that a consortium of European and British scientists has prepared an external peer review of the original Jan. 23 paper that was supposed to have established the scientific basis of the pandemic. This is the “retraction paper,” or demand for retraction of the Jan. 23 paper, called the Corman-Drosten paper.

Tonight my guest (in the second player above) is Dr. Kevin Corbett, who for decades worked as a nurse directly with AIDS patients. He then pursued his doctorate in the technicalities and social implications of HIV testing.

Dr. Corbett is one of 22 coauthors of the peer review, and has given nearly two hours of his time to our audience to explain the implications of the paper.

Due to my unique background as a science writer and astrologer, we are the only publication that is able to handle both “sides” of reality with equal dexterity, and to integrate them. That’s the missing piece even in the alternative press, which tends to be politically obsessed (that is easy). Integrating spiritual maters and scientific ones — that’s exciting, and necessary.

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Here is the video I mention, which gives the deep background on the level of the Great Reset.


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