Of Meteors and Religion

Britt Arnesen, getting ready to take her show on the road.

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the symbols associated with the meteor striking Russia, the asteroid flyby, lightning striking St. Peter’s Basilica twice and the Roman earthquake — all in the aftermath of the pope’s resignation.

My main theme seems to be: what do we do with what we’ve been learning about the atrocities of the Roman Catholic church? How do we assess the damage and where to we being the healing process?

I also go over the upcoming confluence of astrology: the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces and the Virgo Full Moon square Jupiter. In true Mercury retrograde (in Pisces) fashion I have a few extra details to include — though I do cover the basic territory at the top of the program.

Our musical guest is Britt Arnesen, a recording artist originating in Alaska and now living in Montana. She is a force of nature, a magnificent singer, a talented guitar and banjo player and a great writer. Yes, Ms. Arnesen has it all, and she spent today in the recording studio working on her new CD.

You can find her on the Internet here, at her 907Britt website.

Here is her Facebook page.

One thing I neglected to do is read the meteor strike chart. That was silly; it will be easier to do an extra program, adding some Mercury retrograde info, than to edit the flow of the program — so look for that show later in the week, and here is the rather striking chart. This whole pope deal has been all about the centaurs Pholus and Nessus.

Well, they are ALL OVER this chart — Pholus as the highest planet, and Nessus rising in a conjunction with the Sun.

Meteorite strikes Siberia Friday morning.

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