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Don’t Look Back – article about the astrology of Jan. 2020

Pluto Enters Aquarius for the first time since 1777

Program Notes from Substack

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight on a new Planet Waves FM (which usually posts well ahead of its 10 pm scheduled time), I’ll have a nearly all-astrology program, beginning with a discussion about Saturday’s retrograde Mars square Neptune aspect that I’ve been writing about incessantly.

This discussion will include a current events overview considering how the astrology is manifesting in real life. If you’re aware of this aspect you’re welcome to add comments or questions on Substack, that I can read and address on-air.

Then, I’ll move onto the events of 2023, which I am deep into as part of the forthcoming Inner Space readings. I’ll be going over the major events of March — Mars, Saturn and Pluto changing signs within a couple of weeks of one another, and other factors.

Here is a 90-degree sort of planets exactly aspecting Pluto at the moment of the ingress — conjunctions, squares and oppositions. The data is from the Swiss Ephemeris (Sweph) via

And here is my working chart for that same event with some minor planets and notes added. Thanks for tuning in. Catch you later!

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