From the Impeachment Into Some Future


Me in the Chironian, in Rosendale, NY, just ahead of the Leo Full Moon — a place where I learned a lot of astrology in the spring and summer of 1995. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM is ready. It’s been quite a week. I was up early this morning looking out my window with a sense that we are living in another world; that something has changed (and this was associated with last week’s political events). I go into that feeling and a few others.

The program begins with a careful review of Mitt Romney’s eight-minute presentation on why he voted to convict Donald Trump.

I then make a careful study of the acquittal chart.

I respond to some reader queries about how to make a difference in the world; the We Care edition is circulating widely. As part of this, I shed some light on how we handled a crisis situation in 2018 in a nonviolent way, remaining as loving as possible throughout.

And in Tantra Studio, I review last Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, mainly responding to the notion that it was somehow a positive statement of female empowerment, or a relevant political statement.

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Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

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