Transit of Venus Bonus Hour

That player button is a special edition of Planet Waves FM, lasting just under one hour. Anatoly has gone to bed, so it won’t appear on the Old Player or iTunes till morning, though you can play it here. (Ah, they seem to have mysteriously appeared.)

I’ve also just released a compilation of my favorite articles about the transit of Venus, including today’s subscriber edition and the June monthly horoscope, which has one of my main articles about the event.

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United Astrology Conference

UAC Coverage from Planet Waves FM

Dear Friend and Reader:

Welcome to Planet Waves FM’s coverage of the 2012 United Astrology Conference in New Orleans, which is was held May 24 through 30. What follows is a series of interviews with conference attenders and presenters. By the time we’re done there will be about 25 of these interviews posted here as well as on a parallel site at Planet Waves FM. In effect what we’ve created is a parallel conference that is available to everyone.

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