Planet Waves FM Bob Dylan Holiday Music Special

Bob, about to go onstage for one of the Rolling Thunder Revue shows in 1975

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Well, Shakespeare, he’s in the alley
With his pointed shoes and his bells
Speaking to some French girl
Who says she knows me well

Welcome to our 3rd annual Bob Dylan Holiday Special, in cooperation with our friends at Special Rider Music. Thanks to Anatoly Ryzhenko for mucho music research and running the back end of the website; and for the many song suggestions we received from Planet Waves FM listeners. Here’s the set list.


Times Changin’ – Starbugs – Kids Sing Dylan – 2011


SET I News and Weather

Pity the Poor Immigrant – Bootleg Vol 15
Political World – Oh Mercy 1989
Everything is Broken – Oh Mercy 1989
Union Sundown – Infidels 1983
I and I – Infidels 1983

SET II Relics

Davey Moore – Carnegie 10/12/63
Masters of War – Freewheelin 1961-1962
Hard Times NY Town – home recording Tony Glauer 12/61
Kingsport Town – Freewheelin outtake 1961
John Birch Paranoid Blues – Carnegie 10/12/63

GARY SNYDER COMMENT – “Starting the Spring Garden and Thinking
of Thomas Jefferson” – from This Present Moment, 2015


Sweet Peggy O – Bob Dylan 1961
G.E. Smith Interview about Peggy O
Peggy O – Bob, electric – Melbourne 1998 – said to be last live perf.
Peggy O – Grateful Dead 5-11-77 St Paul MN…here is the whole show
Peggy O – The National feat Josh Kaufman, " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Eaux Claires, WI August 12+13, 2016
Peggy O – Grateful Dead – 6/26/94 Vegas UNLV big football stadium
Watchtower – ditto
Morning Dew – ditto

CONVERSATION WITH DANIEL STERNSTEIN + Letter to Urbana by Vision Quest, 2016

SET IV Epic masterpieces

Changing of the Guard – Street Legal 1978
When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky – Empire Burlesque 1985
Most of the Time – Oh Mercy 1989
Senor – Street Legal 1978

READ LYRICS – When the Night Comes Falling

SET V Tribute to Dylan’s work with the Grateful Dead

w love to Brent Mydland (singing harmony on all these pieces)

Shenandoah – Down in the Groove 1988
Silvio – Down in the Groove 1998 with Hunter
Memphis Blues – Giants Stadium 7/12/87 – Dylan with Grateful Dead
Slow Train – Dylan and the Dead – Foxboro 7/4/87 Sullivan Stadium
Serve Somebody – D/D – Anaheim 7/27/87
I Want You – D/D Oakland 7/24/87

READ: “War” by Arthur Rimbaud
& where do I begin – Liner notes from Desire

SET VI Personal favorites

Ring them Bells – Bootleg 8, Supper Club NYC 11/17/99
Series of Dreams – Oh Mercy out take 1989
Black Diamond Bay – Desire, Jacques Levy, 75, released 1976
Idiot Wind – Take 4, NY Sessions, Blood on the Tapes
Nettie Moore – Modern Times – 2006 – his 32nd album
Billy Main Theme – Billy the Kid – 1973
Forever Young – Planet Waves – 1974

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