Sagittarius Full Moon: A Proving Moment

Lucius, in an image from their website.
Lucius, in an image from their website.

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look closely at the Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Pholus and Ixion, exact just past midnight EDT on Friday.

In addition to analyzing the chart, I tell stories from the myths of Pholus and Ixion — which relate back to the stories we heard about Nessus last week. What is interesting about this pairing of planets is that Ixion was the forefather of all of the centaurs, except for Pholus and Chiron.

So in addition to the centaurs showing up prominently in this chart, we also get a visit from Ixion, one of their progenitors.

My musical guests are the Avett Brothers and Lucius, from this past weekend’s Mountain Jam festival on Hunter Mountain in upstate New York. These are two extraordinary performing artists who took part in the 10th anniversary of the festival — an accessible, not-too-big event that even the locals dig.


Sagittarius Full Moon set for Kingston but using "natural houses" so that it's easier to see whole sign houses -- house and sign cusps align.
Sagittarius Full Moon set for Kingston but using “natural houses” so that it’s easier to see whole sign houses — house and sign cusps align.


  1. Hello Eric and All,

    As Pholus is conjunct my natal Pholus which is conjunct my natal Jupiter at 22Sag. this Full Moon I am paying particular attention to events/omens.
    As a Libra, I have had Mars marching back and forth across my 6th House which contains my Sun and Neptune. Saturn is sitting on my natal Mars and Chiron in Scorpio, in the natal 7th.
    When someone says the foreseeable future, I just laugh.
    Fascinating to hear about Pholus. Much food/drink for rumination.
    The Chart Reading with Chiron has been an I opener!

    Thank you Eric and Chelsea…all of you at Planet Waves for a fascinating, informative, love-filled product.

    Carolyn k

  2. This was really helpful in better understanding Pholus, Ixion, Nessus, and Chiron. Though I still have trouble seeing their full meaning in my chart. I will work with your advice to have patience with the mysterious universe, and in “standing in relationship to the unknown”. I trust that I will start to see it more clearly thanks to your explanations of how to both approach and work with the astrology.

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