Sagittarius Full Moon and Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute

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Before I get into tonight’s program and its many features, here’s a heads-up on the Sacred Space of Self spring reading. I am now delivering signs, and the introductory video on Chiron. The four signs of the cardinal cross are complete and available; the fixed cross will be next. The set of readings is available for the pre-order price. Please email, or call (845) 481-5616 for the member discount.

A young Bob Dylan, in an outtake photo from the “Desire” cover session; taken at Plymouth Memorial Park, Plymouth, MA, on Oct. 31, 1975. Photo by Ken Regan, official photographer of the Rolling Thunder Revue tour.

This reading takes Mars retrograde in Aquarius in the context of the outer planet sign changes that have been coming on like a storm. Mars is the figure on the stage; that is us. Aquarius is the patterns of society that we will be experiencing as a counter-culture experiment.

You might say that the theme here is DESIRE. What do you want, and how is it that someone else gets to judge you for that? This theme spreads to every facet of your relationship with “the collective,” particularly as defined by the internet. These readings, 40 minutes each, are offered in plain talk. They are motivating and uplifting, while taking on the challenges that we face as members of society today.

We don’t ask for donations at Planet Waves. Rather, for a modest fee, we offer you something you cannot get anyplace else: a viewpoint unique in astrology and in the world. Thank you for taking advantage of this good work.

Tonight’s Program, Featuring the Music of the Bard

In tonight’s show, I cover Tuesday’s Sagittarius Full Moon. This is a complex event, and I am doing something rare, which is advising a kind of retreat from major decisions for one week, as the Full Moon passes, and then the Moon clears Sagittarius, Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius. By major decisions, I mean decisions that you cannot reverse, or that set chains of events in motion.

I take another close look at the forthcoming Mars retrograde in Aquarius; much of the program is based on this event, which spans from June 26 through Aug. 27, though it is in effect now, as we are in the warm-up phase.

Our musical guest is Bob Dylan, and I do a detailed reading of his chart. For the first time, I have added the minor planets, and take Bob as the incarnation of the Tongva god Quaoar, whose myth tells us how things came to be the way they are today.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

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