Samples of the 2014 Spring Reading by Eric Francis, Plus Welcome Message and Notes About How I Did the Readings

Spring 2014 Special Report from Planet Waves.
Spring 2014 Special Report from Planet Waves.

Welcome and Notes About Our Moment — 2014 Spring Reading

Samples of 2014 Spring Reading

Here are three samples from Spring 2014 readings, exploring the grand cross, the grand trine and the eclipses that happen in April. The reading, which will be ready later in the week, covers all 12 signs in audio format. The readings will be 20 to 30 minutes per sign. They will be playable on the site or fully downloadable into iTunes or other audio players.

We’ve just published! Order all twelve signs for for $59.95 or purchase individual signs for $19.95 here.

Here is my article on the 2014 grand cross and grand trine, published in Planet Waves last month. This includes the monthly horoscope for April as well as a detailed reading of (and image of) the main chart that I will be using for these readings.

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