Scorpio Full Moon and Brian Eno

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Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.

Dear Planet Waves Listener:

Tonight, celebrating the 69th birthday of Brian Eno, Planet Waves FM is a tribute to his music, as well as to art and sex. We’ll hear music spanning about 30 years of Brian’s career, from his early solo days to the early 21st century, including one movement of Music For Airports, covered by the virtuoso ensemble, Bang on a Can.

This is the program to chill out and play while you’re making art, making love, organizing your space, or spacing out. It’s the first of two programs including the work of Eno; next week I’ll feature the bands he’s produced.


I cover the Scorpio Full Moon, exact at 5:42 pm EDT on Wednesday, May 10, including a close look at Juno conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (both are retrograde). I also look closely at the chart of Brian Eno, whose Chiron is retrograde in the 8th house, in Scorpio. This is a fascinating chart by one of the most creative and interesting people of our lifetimes.

If you don’t know Eno, you certainly know his work: he produced Talking Heads starting with Fear of Music; U2 starting with The Unforgettable Fire; and some of David Bowie’s best work — among many, many others.

I consider the implications of the “" target="_blank" rel="noopener">sexy health care video” from Funny or Die, and visit the Adopt-a-District meeting held in Kingston last night by a congressman from our neighboring district, standing in for MIA Rep. John Fasso (R-NY).

And in Tantra Corner, I look at Masturbation Month and talk about why masturbation is the core of all sexuality.

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Brian’s chart, with only the minor aspects displayed in the center wheel. Data is rated A by Astrodatabank.

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