Special Election Edition: History Will Teach Us Nothing

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Tonight is the special election edition of Planet Waves FM. I look at two topics sure to be a big hit on Thanksgiving: the astrology of the election, and also of the presidential election of 2020, and the influence of Evangelical religion on American politics.

Photographer Stacy Platt is our special guest tonight.

The program includes an interview with Stacy Platt, a professor of photography at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She is doing a project, independent of the university, involving documenting the 400 Evangelical churches in her city. She is also interviewing people who consider themselves “exvangelicals” — essentially, refugees of the Christian movement.

You may visit Stacy’s website here. There is an invitation to participate in the project.

Housekeeping note: I will be doing a program next Sunday, then taking a break for Thanksgiving. That will include a Bob Dylan-themed show distributed on Thanksgiving Day. I am planning to take two Sunday nights off.

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