Standing With Standing Rock

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Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, we visit the Standing Rock protest in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

The governor of that state has set a deadline of Dec. 5 for the camp to be evicted, and I read that chart. It’s not pretty. If we want to avoid a bloodbath, we’re going to need to join forces and get involved.

We’ve included a list of phone numbers where you can take action. In addition, I would urge you to donate to the cause, and to keep the issue active in the ears and news feeds of your friends.

I also look at the chart for the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 19, the day that Mercury stations retrograde. This is a strange synchronicity: Mercury reversing directions on the day that the actual electors conduct the actual election. Notably, the “loser” is ahead by more than 2.2 million votes.

My musical guest is the incomparable Phish, from their 1994 album Hoist. This is Phish in their mode as top-rate writers and studio musicians rather than the “jam band” sound that you might have heard previously.

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With love,

Additional Research: Barbara Salvador. To read Planet Waves coverage of Standing Rock, please see this article by Amy E. Jacobs.

Special Message: Urgent Update on Standing Rock

by Graham Nash

In case you may not have known: people are likely to start dying at Standing Rock — if they aren’t already:
The Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council released this statement: “The physicians and tribal healers with the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council call for the immediate cessation of use of water cannons on people who are outdoors in 28F ambient weather with no means of active rewarming in these conditions. As medical professionals, we are concerned for the real risk of loss of life due to severe hypothermia under these conditions.”

Not to mention continuous mass tear gas, rubber bullets, as well as stinger grenades and LRAND (Long Range Acoustic Device) for 3 hours.

Law enforcement also shot down three media drones and targeted journalists with less lethal rounds.

National Lawyers Guild legal observers on the frontlines have confirmed that multiple people were unconscious and bleeding after being shot in the head with rubber bullets. One elder went into cardiac arrest at the frontlines but medics administered CPR and were able to resuscitate him. The camp’s medical staff and facilities are overwhelmed and the local community of Cannonball has opened their school gymnasium for emergency relief.


  • ND Office of the Governor: (701) 328-2200.
  • Morton County Sheriff’s Department: (701) 328-8118 & (701) 667-3330.
  • ND National Guard: (701) 333-2000
  • Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota (D): (202) 224-2043
  • Pres. Obama: (202) 456-1111

Call often, please.

I would then like to encourage people to donate or contribute supplies that are much needed right now as well as support the legal defense fund:

Donate to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

Donate and/or contribute supplies to the Camp of the Sacred Stones

Answering the Call

On Monday, I called the Morton County Sheriff’s Dept., the office of Governor Dalrymple of North Dakota, the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the White House comment line (for Pres. Obama) about the brutal treatment of the water protectors by police.

Planet Waves

In every case but the White House, I got an answering machine. (Although the one for Gov. Dalrymple gives a maddeningly short amount of time to record a message, and the option to “keep recording” did not actually let me do so, both last week and Monday).

With the White House public comment line, I reached a pleasant, elderly-sounding woman (apparently a volunteer) who listened to my message for the President, and said she would pass my comment along. Since she did not ask me to repeat anything, I suspect that detailed messages do not get passed on (unless they recruit really fast typists) — it may be that the operators on that line merely tally calls in a more general way on an issue.

Overall, it was painless. If you think you might get nervous and blank out or ramble, write out what you want to say. As with any courteous phone call, identify yourself and your city/state first. Depending on how many numbers you call, it should not take more than an hour. Then try to do it again another day.

Note that if you make calls to the local offices of North Dakota Congresspeople, you might actually speak to a staffer directly; no need to ‘argue’, just make your comment and move on. Yes Magazine last week published a list of contact info for various law enforcement agencies and other state agencies (including from neighboring states) that have sent police support to help the Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. in their militarized crackdown.

— Amanda Painter

Planet Waves

Beyond the Internet: Your Future is Real
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Planet Waves
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Democracy Now! Pick of the Week — Nov. 24

This Thanksgiving special revisited Democracy Now! reports on the ongoing standoff at Standing Rock in North Dakota, where thousands of Native American water defenders are resisting the Dakota Access pipeline, due to its trespass on sacred ground and the threat of water pollution.

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