Another year, another war. Dr. Stefano Scoglio on the nonexistence of graphene. But is it journalism? Ladies & gentlemen, intro to “rapo.”

The mythological, Nobel-winning substance “graphene.”

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Interview with Stefao Scoglio

Interview with Jesse Zurawell

A Dangerous Game Called Rapo — A Visit with Transactional Analysis.

Chart for the alleged attack on Israel.


  1. checking one fact — I’ve figured out that the movement of the shadow across the face of the earth is the projection of the Moon. The eclipse covers less than a degree (about half a degree) but it’s at the fulcrum, so the projection on the planet covers many more degrees. The eclipse path is in this case southeasterly, which if anything would slow down the apparent movement of the shadow, but only slightly. The eclipses lasts a few minutes — enough for the planet to rotate less than two degrees. Anyone into this stuff have something to add?

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