Students save the otherwise useless university

Student banner at SUNY New Paltz last Thursday night. Photo by Eric.

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The whole concept of a university has been rendered irrelevant by digital conditions and outrageous student debt. Students themselves are the only ones offering a solution, or using the university for any productive purpose.

Tonight we will hear mostly from students, at two State University of New York campuses: in New Paltz, and Purchase, two upstate colleges that were the scene of mass arrests at peaceful protests supporting peace in Gaza, divestment from Israel and transparency around investments.

First, we will hear from leaders of Raise The Consciousness, the group that organized the protests at SUNY Purchase, a small, artsy state campus in Westchester. Then we’ll hear from Lilly Sabella, features editor at The Oracle student newspaper at SUNY New Paltz, who can’t stay away from the newsroom. Here is her coverage of last Thursday’s arrests.

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