Sun Square Chiron — Now and in the Stonewall Chart

It was not a riot. It was an uprising.

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Here is a short letter introducing tonight’s intriguing edition of Planet Waves FM. First, later in the program, my guest is a man named Mitch Horowitz, an author and presenter on the subject of the metaphysical and the history of the occult.

Mitch Horowitz.

In this discussion, we talk about the impact of the internet. He will be back on the program soon to discuss his primary field of research. If you’re visiting from Camp Mitch and want to skip to the interview, jump to 1 hour and 15 minutes in.

Before then, I cover the current astrology — including Sun square Chiron, Vesta conjunct Uranus (with a lot of Vesta discussion) and Mars square Eris. I recap the history of the Mars transit through Cancer, making many aspects, the last of which is happening now.

Re: Sun square Chiron, this aspect is in the chart for the Stonewall incident in June of 1969, and I read that chart on Planet Waves FM for the first time. There are many excellent artifacts in that pattern.

In Tantra Studio, I pick up on Vesta conjunct Uranus, in an extended Tantra Studio that explores the path of White Tantra, and the many facets of Vesta.

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Thank you for tuning in.

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P.S. You can find Mitch Horowitz on his Facebook profile.

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