The case of the disappearing bridge. Journalism 102 w/ Tom Wolfe. The use of astrology in news reporting.

Key Bridge in Baltimore. Photo from Wikipedia.


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Video above is a well-reasoned and credible presentation. Below is from Roland Angle, chairman of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

On Mar 29, 2024, at 8:41 PM, Roland Angle wrote:

From what I can see from the videos, it is entirely likely that the bridge could have collapsed when impacted by the ship at the location of the pier support. There would not have been any reason for the designers to have provided redundancy for a force supplied to the pier at that location — it would have been considered too expensive to provide a defense against an event that was unlikely to occur. It was a critical point in the design of the structure that was vulnerable to the force that was applied to it, and that was either an unlikely coincidence or a really well planned event. Also remember that at the time of the construction of the bridge, there were no container ships the size of the one that hit the bridge.


Good evening from New York —

Tonight’s program looks at the mysterious disappearance of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore after it was struck by a jet liner, um, a cargo vessel, called MV Dali. I use the rapidly-developing story to demonstrate how I track an issue like this, and where astrology fits the picture. Cindy Ragusa offered much help in the development of this segment.

Here is the Planet Waves Substack page on the bridge, with an audio reading of the chart, many resources and some good discussion.

The program also includes Journalism 102: Introduction to the “New Journalism” through the ideas of Tom Wolfe. Finally, I have version of Tantra Studio where I think I expressed the idea I was trying to express. It happens occasionally.

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