The Eclipses, Slutty Sunday and The Doors

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The first astrology segment of your 2017-18 Leo Birthday Reading by Eric has been published, and the second will follow soon. A powerful solar eclipse is approaching in your sign. Make this dynamic energy work for you — order your birthday reading today.

The Doors circa 1970 — left to right, Jim, Ray, John and Robbie. Not shown is Jerry Scheff, who plays bass throughout LA Woman (and who was the bass player for Elvis Presley at the time, and who later worked with Elvis Costello. Go figure).

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Here’s a very short letter so we can move the program on time. Tonight’s Planet Waves FM visits the astrology between the eclipses, which includes Mercury stationing retrograde, and many aspects involving asteroid goddesses (especially Mercury conjunct Vesta). We visit the Slutty Sunday party at Oasis in midtown Manhattan, and hear from The Doors — B-sides from LA Woman.

The midyear reading is done and it is beautiful. You may order all 12 signs here, or single-serving signs here.

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