The HIV/AIDS edition. Media history with Joan Shenton. Exposing the sham of PrEP drugs with Rebecca Culshaw Smith. HIV = AIDS? astrology chart.

Ad announcing a TV campaign for “prep” drugs that allegedly prevent HIV infection.

On tonight’s program, I interview British investigative reporter Joan Shenton on how the media has handed problems with the HIV/AIDS narrative, and Rebecca Culshaw Smith, who holds a doctorate in mathematical biology, on the issues with PrEP drugs that allegedly prevent HIV infection.

The program is ready. Two versions of the HIV = AIDS chart are below. Thank you for being a contributor or subscriber to the program. Here’s how to buy us lunch, or a ranch!


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Joan Shenton Interview

Rebecca Culshaw Smith Interview

More from Joan Shenton

Sacrificial Virgins – about HPV vaccine –  (30 mins)

Positive Hell – about the HIV + group in Spain who never took antiviral drugs and remained healthy their whole lives. – (30 mins)

And for good measure the film that draws all our past films together

Positively False — Birth of a Heresy (90 mins) –

Joan says: “The archive I spoke of my Immunity Resource Foundation archive which has all of our films and many AIDS documents. All available for free download.”

Announcement of HIV, the HIV test and the claimed cause of AIDS.


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