Charlatan’s Web: Poornima Wagh and the need for ethics, standards and practices

Originally published Sept. 2, 2022 | Charlatan’s Web published Aug. 30, 2022

Recent card from a video presentation by Poornima Wagh, claiming to have Ph.D.s in both virology and immunology, both granted at the same time.

Good evening!

Here is the new Planet Waves FM. It’s good to be back. Tonight’s edition is based on this now infamous investigative feature I published to Substack, called Charlatan’s Web. I’ve also published a follow-up story here.

I will gradually dress up this page over the next couple of hours. If there are any defects in the recording, I will get to repairing them in later editions

Here is the program in mono, low bandwidth in case you’re up in the Andes and it’s 15 degrees outside in the direct sunlight

Here is the unedited interview with Poornima Wagh, recorded in New York at 4:30 pm EDT on Friday, Aug. 26, 2022.


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