The Nature of the Beast


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The new Planet Waves FM is ready. This week’s theme is The Nature of the Beast: for example, how it is that police are beating on people who are protesting against police brutality, as if to prove their point for them.

For this discussion, I am grateful to my American Studies professor and mentor at SUNY Buffalo, Mike Frisch.

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On the topic of whether we can trust what passes for science, I have a lot to say about toxins. I tell the story of how the CDC and the press miraculously detoxified dioxin in the early 1990s.

I refer to several articles, including one by me called Dioxin Critic Sued, as well as See No Evil by Vicki Monks (the impeccable, masterfully written investigative report on the extended New York Times fraud on Dioxin), and my Thursday article called They Were Barefoot in Babylon.

Speaking of science, here’s the study saying you should wear a “mask” (cover your face) and not kiss while having sex, even with your live-in partner or spouse from The Annals of Internal Medicine. Next, you will be warned not to share the spoon when eating ice cream.

You can find many more resources on Covid19 News.

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