The Sacred Space of Self — PWFM for March 3, 2019

Phil Keaggy, Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin (with Michael Pachelli on the far left) at Thuyrsday night’s premiere of The Bucket List, produced by Paul Grimsland. Marotta briefly stepped out from behind the drum kit to play for a few minutes and to speak with the crowd. The show was at the newly revamped Woodstock Community Center, after being moved from the Bearsville Theater. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Tonight’s Planet Waves FM homes in on our extraordinary week of astrology — Mercury stationing retrograde, Uranus entering Taurus, and a very unusual Pisces New Moon conjunct Vesta and Neptune.

Our musical guest tonight is KLM — Keaggy, Levin and Marotta — a rock supergroup formed around Phil Keaggy’s latest project, The Bucket List.

Perhaps this is better described as an equal collaboration between the three. Keaggy became famous on the contemporary Christian scene; yes, he is a Christian rocker, and one of the most stunning, beautiful guitarists you’ll ever hear. Drummer and percussionist Jerry Marotta played on some of Peter Gabriel’s best work, as did bassist from Atlantis Tony Levin (also of King Crimson and The Stick Men). You can get the album on iTunes here.

The closing piece is a rough cut of the last 45 minutes of a two-day Vision Quest recording session here at The Place of the Way. It’s called “Be That As it May.”

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