The Spaghetti Western known as ‘covid’. Question for RFK Jr about the possibility of an alien invasion

Charles Bronson, left, and Henry Fonda in Once Upon a Time in the West. It was not photographed in “the west,” however, it was shot in Italy — hence the concept of a “spaghetti western.”

The full program posts well before its scheduled 10 pm EDT run time. Program notes are on Substack. On the program, Michael Bryant is my guest — and we discuss this article by him about events in early 2020 in Italy, published earlier in the week. Here is additional information, in a podcast and charts, about the forthcoming solar eclipse in Aries.

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Here is the Tantra Studio on “progressive” sexual ideas leading to more stereotypes and misery, as a stand-alone.

Here is the interview with Michael Bryant as a stand-alone.

Here is the new STARCAST. Back editions are here.

spring 2023 eclipses

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  1. Tantra Studio was magnificent. It’s not often people consider that politicizing sex takes away the actual meaning and value of sex. This was so well laid out. This reminded me of a recent event – A colleague of mine was asked to do a women of color podcast in the summer of 2020. (what a year) When they told her that it was basically going to be a show to bash straight white guys, she refused to participate. At that point, there were volumes written on social media to discredit her , “call her out” and her practice and her race. Basically, she was deemed a racist because she treats white men with respect. “No such thing as misandry”? You are right Eric, it’s everywhere.

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