Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct the Galactic Core; Neptune Square the Lunar Nodes

The Neptune system, directly involved in Monday’s total solar eclipse.

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Tonight’s edition focuses on Monday’s total eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Core. The eclipse is also square the planet Neptune, and Neptune in turn is exactly square the lunar nodes. To sum up, this is a moment of truth and a point of no return. We will take into the future what we believe when this eclipse happens, true or not. This is the article including discussion of the Johns Hopkins News-Letter and other developments in late November. Here is additional coverage of the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius. For those interested in seeing the Event 201 video, it’s located in this article about five sections down, clearly marked. Here is the information on pathological priming from Children’s Health Defense.

Here’s my tribute to my friend Anatoly Ryzhenko.

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