Tribute to B.B. King, Mercury Rx and a Bit About Chiron

Eric Clapton and B..B. King

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I pay tribute to blues master B.B. King. We get to hear some of his music and I read his chart, which is a study in Virgo. I give an overview of the current astrology, including the Sun in Gemini conjunct Alcyone, Mercury retrograde and an upcoming aspect: Mercury conjunct Mars in Gemini, square Neptune in Pisces. I then take a few minutes and give a brief introduction to Chiron (in response to a reader comment) and finally end the program with a look at B.B.’s astrology.


1 thought on “Tribute to B.B. King, Mercury Rx and a Bit About Chiron”

  1. Thanks for this wonderful listening experience. So much learning and appreciate you sharing your knowledge of astrology and authentic voice with the rest of us. As a Virgo sun and at home music producer/beat maker, I enjoyed the spiel on BB King. Unfortunately in my productions I get way too hung up on technical aspects. Anyway, looking forward to investing your teachings on Chiron and finding more podcasts to download for my commute. Peace and gratitude!

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