We are all in East Palestine. Conflict of interest? Get off the case. Demand split sampling for dioxins and furans.

Dioxin story breaks through to mainstream, Associated Press Friday evening. News hook is the letter from Sens Brown and Vance to the EPA, below.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine toasts with an East Palestine resident as Michael Regan, the EPA coordinator, watches. They are all drinking the tap water. Pool photo / ABC News.

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The the Edge and Beyond, new article by Eric

A few resources…

Wheeler to Kelly, June 12, 1956, Monsanto Co., the first corporate document to admit the dioxin problem, but at that time it has a different name. This is utterly fascinating and there is a memo by Carol van Strum attached that highlights its significance.

The Dead Zone, Student Leader News Service by Eric F. Coppolino, January. 20, 1992

Resettling Love Canal Amidst Unsettling Questions, The Current, Sept. 27, 1983

Open letter, Penna. Gov. Josh Shapiro to Alan Shaw, CEO of Norfolk Southern, Feb. 14, 2023

Open letter, Ohio’s U.S. Sens. Brown and Vance to EPA head Regan and OEPA head Vogel, Feb. 18, 2023

Eric Francis Coppolino joins Alec Zeck on The Way Forward


Hazmat workers outside Bliss Residence Hall at the State University of New York at New Paltz,in January 1992. Two of the workers are in Level B protection (with air tanks), the second highest level available — rarely used outside. The dioxin levels were so high, the person who took down the tree died of leukemia. I was called as an expert witness at his wrongful death disability trial, and this photo was entered as evidence. Photo by Eric F. Coppolino / Student Leader News Service.


Haz-Mat workers in Level C protection outside the back of the Soujourner Truth Library at SUNY New Paltz, January 1992.


Cokendall Science Building, SUNY New Paltz.


Parker Theater, SUNY New Paltz.


Waste drums containing dioxin-like compounds, campus service facility at SUNY New Paltz.


Peter Haughton, SUNY New Paltz.

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