Year of the Water Tiger, Aquarius New Moon, Venus Direct, Mercury Direct — and Medical Fraud

The new Planet Waves TV is here. Due to ridiculous issues with YouTube, we are migrating our video to our Bitchute channel.

Painting by Pip McGarry.


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That comes to about $50,000 a year to run Planet Waves FM and Covid19 News — without paying me for my work as host, editor or Executive Director. If you think that is a lot, consider that Amy Goodman is personally paid $200,000 a year just to host Democracy Now! All of her costs are covered. That is her paycheck.

Planetary positions at the outset of the “covid” crisis in mid-February 2020; the chart is cast for Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces.

In 2021, Planet Waves FM met half of our goal — all donations came to about $25,000. We have many thousands of readers and listeners. If you want Planet Waves FM and our honest, daily news coverage via C19 News, please continue to support our work.

We take no ads, accept no corporate funding and no blood money from Bill Gates (who bribes many different newspapers and media organizations just like the Godfather bribed cops and judges). That is why I can report the actual facts of the issues I cover.

When you support us, you help give the world something critical right now: actual journalism and commentary. The training of young journalists. A research team that collects news from all over the world. We are doing real work, every day.

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Tonight’s Program: Astrology Focus

On tonight’s program, I will cover the Year of the Water Tiger (and the Aquarius New Moon), Venus stationing direct on Saturday, and Mercury stationing direct on Thursday. I’ll be talking about Mars and Venus making their way back across Capricorn, meeting up with Pluto on March 3.

Planetary positions as of this broadcast, showing that we are at he Mars return of the “covid” crisis.

We will also check in with this past Saturday’s demonstration in Washington D.C. featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The new program usually goes onto the website well before its 10 pm scheduled time.

Google Has Removed Our Red Flag; YouTube has Given Us a Strike and One-Week Mystery Ban

You may have noticed that earlier this week, Planet Waves FM and Chiron Return had a red flag from Google. We addressed that and are in the process of adding extra layers of security to the Planet Waves FM and Chiron Return websites.

I spent nearly three days this week (starting at 8 am Sunday) addressing this problem, and then researching and designing more secure hosting. This required many hours of development time and investing in a new server.

Please — help me pay for that, so that your program is delivered reliably.

As soon as the red flag came down, I learned that YouTube (also Google) banned us from posting new videos for a week — for a reason they would not say. I keep my “covid” coverage far from YouTube’s absurd rules, which include asking no questions about viruses or vaccines.

But they won’t tell us which was the offending video, and we cannot tell which one is missing. It could be something we posted five years ago. We have no way to know.

The new Planet Waves TV is here. We have been migrating our video to our Bitchute channel.

Thank you for your time and your trust.

I’ll be back with you this evening. Also check for a new STARCAST.


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