A pile of dust is not a grapefruit. Mike Stone and Eric Francis deconstruct the notion of a virus.

A grapefruit is not a pile of dust.

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Want a good time? Call up Mike Stone and ask him about viruses. Today we start with understanding the Virology Challenge issued by some of your favorite presenters — Mark and Sam Bailey, Tom Cowan, Andy Kaufman and others. Mike is the author of the ViroLIEgy.com website, which should be more famous than it is. In this 50-minute segment, we talk about why you can’t sweep the produce department floor and make a grapefruit out of the dust. You’re not a bank robber if you have a dollar in your pocket. And a pile of computer code is not a virus. This is an entertaining, no bullshit discussion of what the heck virologists think they are doing. Special cameo by Tony Fauci! He was right in my studio. I made him espresso and we smoked a cigarette for old time’s sake.


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