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World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee voted down the idea of a monkeypox pandemic twice. Then its dictator overruled them, and personally declared a public health emergency of international concern.

GENEVA, July 23 — There’s a meme going around, featuring two almond-eyed space aliens, with the quote, “I thought we were next.”

The joke is that we were supposed to have an alien invasion some time before the next global pandemic. Either that, or an economic crash, nuclear war, an internet blackout or a power grid failure.

But no.

The World Health Organization (WHO) jumped the line on Saturday. Its Emergency Committee, the body empowered to advise the Director-General on health emergencies, voted 9 to 6 against declaring monkeypox a global pandemic, but he did so anyway.

Listen to the audio here. It’s all in the first five minutes, but I’ve provided the last 20 minutes of the briefing so you can get additional context.

The Vote that was Not a Vote; the Tie That Was Not a Tie

The EC actually voted twice in the past few days, first 11 to 3 against declaring a pandemic, then 9 to 6 against on Saturday. In other words, both times, the motion failed. (Here is a list of EC members.)

Tedros thinks 11 to 3 is a tie.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s Director-General, said Saturday that the vote was not really a vote. The public health specialists on the international panel were only advising him — more like an expert opinion survey.

Still, he said the tally was “very, very close,” referring to 9 nays to 6 ayes. (That’s just one vote away from two-to-one against.)

Tedros then said he “broke the tie” and personally declared a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) — WHO’s term for a global pandemic. The WHO last did this on March 11, 2020 for “covid,” but the committee at least voted in favor of the move.

Have you ever heard of this person till now?

Began May 7, 2022 with a Tweet from England

Monkeypox, a disease that does not exist, was punted into play on May 7, 2022 by a tweet from the National Health Service (NHS) in England. This was accompanied by a story in the Bill Gates-funded newspaper The Guardian. [Read full coverage in the May 26 edition of Planet Waves.]

There are no samples of purified isolate of the “monkeypox virus,” only the build-up of a wholly imaginary phylogenic “family tree” of genetic codes created by an organization called Nextstrain (meaning the next strain of a virus you might catch).

The claimed “genetic sequences” are really metagenomic transcripts — that is, computer models built from impure samples, plus contaminants such as monkey kidney cells, calf blood, immortal cancer cells, antibiotics, cell culture medium and other toxins.

What is a metagenomic transcript? Listen later to this interview.

Then that soup is run through a computer which assembles a theoretical genetic code — and that is what’s said to be a virus. When public health officials say they have “found a virus,” that process is what they are talking about. This is what is meant when scientists say they have “isolated” the virus. When they say “isolated,” they mean “mixed with everything in the lab.”

Then the PCR artificial-intelligence device claimed to be a test — it’s programmed to search for snips of that phony “in silico” sequence in human beings, and multiplies them by about one trillion times. If the person “tests positive,” they are said to be a “confirmed case” of infection.

False positives have numerous sources, from dust to incorrect sequences being tagged to the test reacting to itself. The PCR, when used correctly, is an extremely sensitive research tool with many purposes. As many have warned, it is not a diagnostic tool because even when used properly, it cannot find anything diagnostically relevant.

The PCR Casedemic Model

The phenomenon of alleged viral spread is the now-familiar “casedemic” model of PCR false positives. The PCR is only capable of matching its target sequence (called the primers) to one that is supposed to exist in nature. Because there are no samples of natural virus, the match/no match ability of the PCR cannot be utilized legitimately.

A PCR-positive is supposed to mean an exact match. Where there are no real primers, the test is being told to seek something that does not exist. All positives are therefore false positives. Yet the ability of the device to create “positives” wherever it goes is being exploited, as these are falsely claimed to be “confirmed cases.”

Problems with using the device as a diagnostic tool have been known by the public health sector since around 2005. Where the test goes, the “cases” appear.

The method of confirmation of infection is supposed to be through symptoms and contact tracing. Yet the WHO provides a description of this “disease” that is so broad, you might decide you’ve caught it if you have a few mosquito or chigger bites, hay fever, a summer cold, or no symptoms at all.

Test more and governments get ever more “positives,” though there are no medical issues or symptoms in the patient. However, where patients do have unusual pustules or lesions, it is likely to be the body attempting to clear the “covid vaccine” by way of the skin, an important mode of excreting poisons.

Gay Men are Being Blamed for Something that is Not Happening

Monkeypox is being blamed by public health authorities on “men who have sex with other men,” when there is no evidence that this is true. All cases are being attributed to alleged gay parties either in the Canary Islands or in Belgium. Till now, there was never a claim of human-to-human transmission of “monkeypox,” nor had it ever been documented.

Now, suddenly it’s said to be happening in many countries. Why claim this is about gay men? They are one of the most over-tested, over-treated populations on the planet, so they are the perfect trap for fake diagnostic testing.

London-based Kevin Corbett, Ph.D. is an expert in diagnostic testing of the gay community, and its psychological impacts. He said that due to the tendency of gay men to rush into health clinics for the smallest issues, governments are actually “case finding” to get men to take their test and be declared infected.

“The monkeypox stuff supposedly implicating gay men is just further pathologizing people’s sexuality for cheap gain,” Corbett told Planet Waves. Corbett did his doctoral work in the 1990s investigating problems with diagnostic testing associated with AIDS and HIV. Prior to that, he served as a nurse on the first-ever AIDS ward in England, founded by Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Those gay and bisexual men using STI [sexually transmitted infection] services are easy prey for the epidemiological mill of testing and association of any ‘symptoms or signs’ with whatever test is rolled out and applied to that particular over-tested, over-medicated population,” Corbett said.

Resource: Monkeypox Mania summit

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