The Secret History of Chemicals. How the Covid “Truth” Movement Deceives the Public.

Carol Van Strum, who has been fighting for decades to stop aerial herbicide spraying of Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest, stands with Rudy (from left), Gus and Sadie on her property in that forest. Van Strum’s research and activism have contributed to the adoption of more sustainable national forest policies. Photo by Ken Gagne.

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Here is the Carol van Strum interview, stand alone

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How the Covid “Truth” Movement Deceives the Public: Reiner Füllmich and Bill Gates Rant, in full

Here is the Carol van Strum interview, stand alone

Here is Tantra Studio, Masturbation Month part 2 of 4

Visit the Planet Waves Betty Dodson Archive

Here is an article about her from The Intercept. Here is coverage of IBT Labs — we all need to know this issue. Parts one and two included. The last honest articles by Keith Schneider, who soon after joined flipped sides. Here is Negligible Risk: Premeditated Murder. Here is Chiron: Key to the Gemstone File.

Program notes for “The Secret History of Chemicals feat. Carol van Strum. The Covid ’Truth’ Movement is Lying to You. Tantra on Masturbation Month Part 2 of 4.”

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight I have a long-anticipated interview: with Carol van Strum of Tidewater, Oregon. I was a pretty good reporter before I met Carol in 1992.

Then she taught me the art of document collecting. I know it looks like she collects donkeys who are friends with a horse, which is true — though she is in truth an American heroine, having spent 45 years taking on some of the most horrid polluters in the world. Read a bit about her in The Intercept.

In our conversation, she tells the story of how she went “back to the land” and bought a farm in Oregon, then three months later, her children and dog were sprayed by a roadside truck dumping Agent Orange into the land and local river. That day her life changed forever. We discuss her journalistic standard of preparing every article for the judge and jury.

The Lies of the Covid Truth Movement, or Most of It

I then have a segment on how the so-called covid truth movement is lying to the public. Not all of it, but most of it — concealing its knowledge that SARS-CoV-2 has never been found. My case in point is Reiner Fuellmich, who appeared recently on CHD-TV, and mangled the issue. I will deconstruct this seven-minute absurdity, which represents what most “truthers” are saying, from Del Bigtree to RFK to Joe Mercola and many, many others.

I am my lover. Photo: Book of Blue.

Is Sex a Substitute for Masturbation?

And on Tantra Studio, I ask the question: Is sex a substitute for masturbation? This is part 2 of my four-part Masturbation Month tribute, dedicated to my teacher Betty Dodson. If you missed last week, you can catch up. In case you were wondering, I give the history of masturbation from 1712 clear through Betty, up to yesterday.

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